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'While the new generation is going gaga over pop music, relegating the classical traditions as archaic, it is heartening to see a young danseuse, Reela Hota, breaking a new path by taking up cudgels to stem the tide and infuse life into the dying lyrical dance form of Odissi embellishing it with time-tested Yoga philosophy. Her dance is the perfect amalgamation of laya and form."
R.Nair, Reporter, Hindustan Times

"During the period of her learning, I have marked her genius which undoubtedly would bring perfection. Her Odissi dance as revealed in her body movement, footwork and abhinaya will make her a dancer of repute."
Late Guru Gngadhar Pradhan
Famed Odissi Guru and Founder Director of Konark Natya Mandap

"Reela is an extremely talented student, with a remarkable presence on stage. She has great promise among the younger generation of Odissi dancers." Madhavi Mudgal
Famed Odissi Guru and dance

"Reela's exceptional act made everyone in the podium involved as she danced with passion and skill right from start to finish."
The Dairy Mirror,Zimbabwe

"Spectacular Reela Hota's troupe gave a grand performance"
Weekend Post, Zambia

"Reela Hota impressed the audience with her quick and fluent woodwork and deft movements"
The New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

"Her stage presence, technical expertise, presentation, musical sense, merit praise. Reela's exquisite beauty enhances her grace when performing Odissi."
Haresh Pandya, Reporter
The Indian Post

Like a Dresden china doll in her chiseled looks and a waist one can encircle with the two hands, Reela has also the assurance coming out of excellent dance technique. Reela has also the assurance coming out of excellent dance technique. One must commend the dancer for her rhythmic grasp" Reela's rhythmic command is good and never faulted even in the complicated passages of rhythm"
Leela Venkatraman, Celebrated Dance Critic
Hindu, New Delhi(1996)

"Reela's rhythmic command is good and her footwork never faulted even in the complicated passage of rhythm"
Leela Venkatraman,
Hindu,New Delhi (2000

"Reela Hota's Odissi brought forth the dancers poised body and angika finish"
Leela Venkatraman,
Hindu, New Delhi (2003)

'Kudos to Hota for another milestone in her career"
The Pioneer, New Delhi comment on the production of 'Kundalini'

"Reela Hota presented an Odissi recital that rose at times to reflect an inner quietude and grace. It afforded her the opportunity to display her thorough understanding of tala so that she was able to guide the performance as well as dance without a missed step"
Anjana Rajan, Dance Critic,
Hindu, New Delhi

"Reela's abhinaya has a subdued and internalized approach. Hota's movements were delicate and perfect; the performance was marked with a touch of difference and novelty.
Mahua Venkatesh

"Reela Hota presented a competent Odissi recital that was reflective of an inner quietude and grace and her thorough understanding of tala"
Anjana Rajan,Editor,
The Hindu

"Reela is a very talented young dancer capable of good presentation"
Subbudu,Celebrated Critic,
The Statesman

"Reela Hota enchanted one and all…the second item was a demonstration of perfect control over the body"
Manisha Sobhrajani
The Indian Express

"The soft movements and the grace that she exuded only enhanced the beauty of her dance"
Deepa Gupta, Reporter

"Discipline, aesthetics and purity of movement were all in evidence in Hota's dance"
The Pioneer

Reela showed her class in finely etched 'brahmaris', se 'hastas' and sensitive 'mukhabhinaya' ".Her movements have a sensuous grace and her abhinaya has a subdued and internalized approach. "
Shanta Sarbjeet Singh,Celebrated Dance Critic,
Hindustan Times,1992

"With her flaless Nritta, precisely profiled tribhangi and chauka,she was a delight to watch in all the numbers, Reela has also the assurance coming out of excellent dance technique. One must commend the dancer for her rhythmic grasp. Reela's movements have a sensuous grace and with the etched chowka and tribhanga the pallavi brought out the Odissi profile in full beauty"
Shanta Sarbjeet Singh,Celebrated Dance Critic,
Hindustan Times,1994

The grace, lyricism and fluency of her repertoire were highly appreciated by the audience.
Professor D B Banerjee,
Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mussoorie

"I express our heart felt gratitude and sincere appreciation for the most excellent and exquisite dance performance during the World Philosophy Conference. Your display of dance was superb, enthralling and enchanting. I was really an exhibition of Divine lila in the sublimity of which you provided an occasion to us to partake. It has been a memorable experience in our life which we shall always cherish."
Prof.S R Bhatt
Centre For Studies In Civilization New Del

"I found your presentation of this art was an expression of the Divine. With such grace, precision and excellence you identifies yourself with those ideals, ideas and thoughts. How beautifully you transformed the metaphysical abstractions into an expressive, meaningful reality and that too with such perfection, complete in all its dimensions."
M .Chandrashekharan
Former Additional solicitor General of India.

"Your dance movements were so fluid and graceful and the talk you gave enlightening. Our students loved every movement of your performance"
Mater Dei Institution, Goa

"It was a great pleasure working with you in Sringar. Your energy enhanced the show and helped make it more successful"
Mazaffar Ali,
Noted Film maker, Fashion Designer and Curator

India's top odissi dancer